Keith Johnson and John Harris at Kehler-Liddell Gallery in New Haven

Glyphomatic, 2009
© Keith Johnson
Kehler-Liddell Gallery in New Haven is presenting a two-person show of recent works by photographer Keith Johnson and painter John Harris from September 30 to October 31, 2010.

Johnson's recent work includes his Extended Landscape Series--in which he goes beyond the photograph as a single image fixed in time. Multple images give him the ability to more fully describe his subjects.

Kehler-Liddell's website says Johnson, "makes photographs to explore 1) the intrinsic meaning of images, 2) how and why these meanings change over time, and 3) how position, context and presentation affects their meanings."

Harris's paintings focus on the rippled surface of water. Within that constraint, there is both realism in the depiction of water's glossy multicolored surface, and a level of abstraction as reflections take on bright colors and the horizon is nowhere to be seen.

Kehler-Liddell Gallery is located at 873 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT. There is a reception Sunday, October 3 from 3-6 pm with an artist talk at 3pm followed by live music from group Bee El Tee, 4:30-6pm. Every artist talk I've seen at KL has been well presented, so it's worth the effort to get there on the early side.