A Few Photography Exhibits in NYC Now & Soon

I made this list for myself (a client had told me about the upcoming Stieglitz, Steichen, and Strand exhibit at the Met, and I figured I'd see what else was going on) and thought you might be interested as well.

The Mexican Suitcase (Capa/Taro/Chim) and Cuba in Revolution at ICP both from Sept 24-Jan 9 2011.

Abelardo Morell The Universe Next Door, new camera obscura work at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery Oct. 29-Dec. 11, 2010  and also Groundwork at Bonni Benrubi Oct 7-Dec 18. Check out the description for Groundwork--Morell is doing something a bit different with a "tent camera" that interacts with the landscape in a completely different way from his "indoor" camera obscura photographs.

Lee Friedlander Recent Western Landscape 2008-2009Mary Boone Gallery from Sep. 9 to Oct. 23, 2010, also Lee Friedlander America By Car at Whitney Museum of Art  Sep. 4–Nov. 28, 2010.

Paul Strand in Mexico at Aperture Gallery Sept 9-Nov 13

(Jean-Michel Basquiat), Robert Mapplethorpe, and Mayumi Terada at Robert Miller Gallery Sep. 23-Oct. 30, 2010

Coming up in November: Steiglitz, Steichen, Strand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Nov. 10, 2010-April 10, 2011.