Gatorfoam® mounting for your digital prints using our cold-mount roll press

  • For prints up to 40"x60"
  • Adds rigidity and durability for handling and display
  • For photography, architectural and design displays, trade shows
  • Prices are in addition to printing and scanning (if needed)
  • We currently only offer mounting for prints made by Still River Editions (we can mount others, but if damages occur, Still River Editions will not be responsible)

We use 3/16" Black Gatorfoam® exclusively

  • Gatorfoam® is a durable and lightweight board stronger than standard foamcore
  • Black polystyrene foam bonded with wood fibers impregnated with resin
  • Dent and bend-resistant, resists moisture absorbance
  • $10.00 per square foot (minimum charge of 1.5 square feet per mount)
  • Gatorfoam® is not considered an archival product

Below is our standard-size price sheet. Any size in-between can be mounted, calculated by square footage with a minimum of 1.5 square feet. Maximum size 40"x60"