Joe McNally, Photographer

"We have relied on Still River Editions for our fine art printing for many years now. In addition to printing a retrospective show we staged at the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, they continue to do all our printing for clients, gifts, etc. They have always delivered amazing, timely results for all our printing needs. I recommend them highly."



"Mark Savoia and Still River Editions have become an integral part of my fine art portrait photography practice. I use them exclusively for both my personal and portrait work. The quality of his printing is better than anything I've seen. I value his responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to get things just right."



"My needs in a lab are multifaceted and often very complex. They range from 35mm contacts, exhibition quality 16x20 silver prints, to 30x40 digital prints. My demands are simple - the absolute highest quality obtainable. Since the Time-Life Photo Lab closed, the only lab I use is Still River Editions. They understand my problems and just solve them. You can't ask for more then that."



"When I began a photo book of my late husband's work, Eddie Adams, print reproduction quality was my main worry. Eddie and I had had good and bad luck in the past with printers; too much money for too little quality and attention. I was lucky enough to get a referral from Bill Eppridge to Mark Savoia and Still River Editions.

Mark did the scans for the book EDDIE ADAMS: VIETNAM plus created all the prints for the traveling show. We were dealing with all different types of original material: 40 year old black and white negs, archival prints, old AP transmission prints and the quality from Still River Editions across the board was amazing! There were so many issues to deal with when working on the book, I was relieved that I didn't have to worry about that piece of the project.

Mark worked like a partner invested in the project, not a vendor. I appreciated all the options he made available. I'm gearing up (slowly) for the next project and will be partnering with Mark again."


Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, ARTIST

"I had a great experience working with Mark Savoia at Still River Editions. He is meticulous and caring in his desire to make the best possible prints. I was especially impressed with how the color and detail look almost exactly like the original. I'm extremely happy with how they turned out."


daniel cruson, Newtown, CT town historian

"Since 2001, when the Newtown Historical Society established its Historical Images Archive, we have relied on Still River Editions to scan our fragile glass-plate negatives and print all of our archival inkjet prints for sales and exhibition. The rates for their services are commensurate with the quality of their work. The staff's expertise, attention to detail in scans and fine art prints, and commitment to customer satisfaction are unsurpassed by any other photographic business in the region."


Ruth Newquist, ARTIST

"Color is very imposrtant to me in my paintings. Still River Editions has always been able to accurately capture the color and light effect im my Cityscapes, as well as in my New England landscapes. I wouldn't use anyone else."

© Muci Clemens

© Muci Clemens

Muci ClemensARTIST

"I am an artist and find Still River Editions to be the best source for capturing my art work. Their scans are a perfect reproduction of my work. They are professional, timely, exacting. They anticipate my needs and help me create the impression I wish to convey. It is a pleasure working with them."


Bobby Grossman, photographer

"I prefer Still River Editions for my fiber darkroom printing and digital prints rather than any Manhattan lab I may have used over the years. Cathy, Lys and Mark are quite personable and the quality of their work has only improved since my move to Florida over 12 years ago.

My photos are shipped around the world and we meet all deadlines and they never let me down. I get the same professional service, quality, and results living in Boca Raton as I did when I lived in Westchester."


Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Richard Klein, exhibitions director

"The Aldrich Museum has worked with Still River Editions for over 30 years on a variety of projects and has consistently experienced detail-oriented, personal service together with the highest standards of image production.

We have connected numerous artists working on projects with the Museum (including those living outside the United States) with the services provided by Still River Editions , and every one has been pleased with their experience.

One doesn't need to go to New York City for the highest quality digital and traditional photo services."


Jeanne Moutoussamy-ashe, photographer

"Although I am a relatively new client of a couple of years, I moved to the area four years ago after living in New York City for forty-five years.  Concerned that I would not find equal quality to what I used all of those years in Manhattan, I lucked upon Mark Savoia and Still River Editions.  Mark has printed a couple of exhibitions of my work, both pigment and gelatin silver prints.  The highest compliment I can give them is that I have already recommended and introduced a few people to Mark Savoia's mastery.

I can say two things about Still River Editions that should seal the deal for anyone looking for a photo lab:
First, QUALITY & TRUST - these are my operative words with Still River Editions.  They are simply great at all they do.
Second, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to my colleagues and friends.  You will be amazed at the work they do."


Hasna Muhammad, writer, photographer, film maker

"Mark, Cathy, and Lys have become an essential component of my creative team. I have come to rely on their artistry, expertise, and professionalism.  They pay attention to detail and take care of my images with a personal touch. I didn't realize what I was missing until I started to work with Still River Editions. Living close to a business that developes and prints traditional black & white is fabulous too. Still River was recommended to me, and I will recommend them to others. You just can't go wrong."


Sid and Michelle Monroe, Monroe Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

"Several of the gallery’s photographers have used Still River Editions for their fine art prints, and the gallery has placed many of these prints in important private and museum collections world-wide."