Photography of Hoopfest 2010: Tony Donovan at The Buttonwood Tree Gallery

© Tony Donovan

Photographer Tony Donovan will be exhibiting his basketball photography at the Buttonwood Tree Gallery, 605 Main St., Middletown., CT. An opening reception will be held Sunday, September 12, 3-5 pm.

A quote from Tony Donovan from the Buttonwood Tree's website: "Photographs from the basketball games at this summer’s Hoopfest 2010which were held at the Ray Barnes Memorial Courts on the ground of CT Valley Hospital, in Middletown.All sport is spirited, I suppose that’s why we love it. And for me, basketball has always seemed the most intense and dramatic of our games. My goal with these pictures has been to record some of the drama, effort, the cleverness and grace played out in the games at Hoopfest.

It is these elements of character and skill that I wanted to record. (Tony Donovan, July 2010)" "

Steve Boyle's Photography at Primer, Inc. in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

© Steve Boyle

Philadelphia-based photographer Steve Boyle is in a solo show at Primer, Inc. during the month of July, 2010. 

There will be an opening reception on Friday, July 2, at 6 pm.

Though Steve Boyle's imagery is usually centered around the athlete as individual and as archetype, and his photographs are varied in texture and feel. Several distinct bodies of work are on exhibit, including an intriguingly different black-and-white series of a dancer in deep shadow and contrast that focuses the viewer on her musculature--dancer as athlete. There are more traditional sports-related photographs, paired with almost abstract shots of winter sports. There are close-up color portraits, and a series of dramatic, colorful sleeping bags, undulating abstractly on a black background. Boyle's work has been commissioned by clients including ESPN Magazine, Runner's World, Gatorade, and the History Channel.

Primer, Inc. is located at 15 Byberry Rd., Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Primer, Inc. is a branding house/design studio that features a gallery with monthly shows.  Boyle's other website is The Philadelphia Photographer.

Still River Editions printed the photographs for this exhibit.