Marge Malwitz / The Sketchbook Project

"Healing Together" © Marge Malwitz
Marge Malwitz stopped at the lab to have scans or prints made the day I got the bee in my bonnet to start an art blog. That was a couple of years ago--and here we are, and she has one, too.  So I thank her for helping catalyze this outlet for both the lab and myself.

Marge's works combine contemporary quiltmaking and collage in a fresh way in both fabric and on paper. She also travels with a conscience, and brings her collage/quilts and workshops to compromised local and international communities trying to rebuild their lives.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011Today she turned me on to an interesting indie project in which she's participating called The Sketchbook Project.

Artists receive a sketchbook (for a small fee--it's an indie-financed project), choose a theme, fill it up by Janurary 15, 2011, and send it back. Then your sketchbook becomes part of a traveling exhibition, ultimately coming to rest in the Brooklyn Library (you don't get it back, but you do get a notification every time it's checked out!)  For a bit more, your book can be put online for internet viewing.

This bears looking into, no? Let me know if you participate, and I'll let you know if I participate. It's a pact.