"Interpretations of Nature: Muci Clemens, Darlene Davis and Eduardo" at Gallery 14

© Muci Clemens

© Muci Clemens

Muci Clemens, a painter and client of Still River Editions who lives in Madison, Connecticut is featured in the group exhibition "Interpretations of Nature: Paintings by Muci Clemens and  Wood Kinetic Sculpture by  Darlene Davis and Eduardo" at Gallery 14, Vero Beach Florida from February 1 through 24, 2017. 

From the press release: 
"This imaginative group of artists come together to give us both abstracted and realistic/impressionistic interpretations of our natural surroundings. The show will take place Tuesday February 1 through Friday February 24 with a reception on Friday February 3 from 5-8pm as part of the Downtown Gallery Stroll. Muci's work focuses on light, while employing a colorful palette that is influenced by the renewal of nature, travels and life around her. According to the artist, 'I create works that make me feel good, whether the pleasure of flowers on a summer day, the nostalgia of old machinery, or the character of a face. I like to think of my art as thought provoking, uplifting, and filled with memory triggers.'

Father and daughter team Darlene and Eduardo's lyrical dancing sculptures appeal to their artistic interests: 'Wood was very likely the first sculptural material used by man, and the spiral is an ancient art motif. The kinetic arm in our pieces is perfectly balanced on a single ball bearing, rotating with the grace of a ballerina. We find that the spirals, creating varying shapes, have a calming effect on people. As they slowly revolve, we are reminded that there is a continuum with a beginning, a middle and an end and a chance to begin again.'"

Gallery 14 is located at 1911 14th Avenue,  Vero Beach, Florida

Muci Clemens' "Reflections of Light" at Artists Guild Gallery, Vero Beach, Florida

"New Dawn"
©Muci Clemens

Client Muci Clemens is exhibiting oils and pastels in a solo show called "Reflections of Light" at Artists Guild Gallery, Vero Beach, Florida. The gallery is at 1974 14th Ave., Vero Beach, FL. There is an artists reception Friday, March 5th, from 5-7 pm.

Clemens works in still life, landscape and portraiture, and says of her own choice in subject and mood, "There is much pain in the world, so to choose to focus on the positive - on light, color and uplifting themes - is a conscious choice."

I wish her good luck and hope she'll report back from Florida with some pictures of the gallery.