Jim Rohan featured on Holga Jen

"Vernal Pool"
©Jim Rohan

Jim Rohan's beautiful black-and-white Holga images were profiled on the blog, Holga Jen, earlier this week.

Rohan uses the Holga to balance out his work of painstaking exactitude as a digital printmaker. His technical and professional experience in photography and printmaking inform his artistic choices, but he has found the Holga is particularly well-suited to capture a certain type of visual magic occuring constantly in front of our eyes, that sometimes goes unnoticed. Now Rohan carries at least one of his plastic cameras wherever he goes.

The recent surge in the popularity of film and lower-tech cameras like the Holga are proof that art is in the eye of the creator; it doesn't take a lot of fancy, new digital gear to create beautiful images. Someone with a great eye, like Rohan, could use anything at his disposal.

More images from Jim can be found on his Flickr stream.