James Grashow's Corrugated Fountain at the Aldrich

© James Grashow
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is exhibiting James Grashow's "Corrugated Fountain" April 1 to May 13, 2012. Corrugated Fountain is "an enormous cardboard sculpture inspired by Bernini's famous Trevi Fountain in Rome." The fountain has been on exhibition since 2007 and its final stop is at the Aldrich where it will slowly disintegrate over time.

Grashow's work makes cardboard seem fluid. It is just one of the surprising properties that make his artwork accessible to people of all ages.

The exhibition is also accompanied by a publication and two Aldrich Editions by James Grashow--a cardboard sculpture, and a finely-detailed woodblock print.

Guests will be invited to partake in Grashow's project Accumulated Wishes by tossing special paper coins with their wishes on them into the fountain.

There is an opening reception from 3 - 5 pm on Sunday, April 1, 2012. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is located at 258 Main St. Ridgefield, CT.

James Grashow's Corrugated Fountain at Allan Stone Gallery, NYC

"Corrugated Fountain"
© James Grashow

James Grashow’s sculpture,  Corrugated Fountain, will be exhibited from March 3-April 23, 2011, at Allan Stone Gallery, 113 East 90th St., New York, NY. There will be an opening reception with the artist on Saturday, March 12, from 4-6 pm. 

Grashow works in cardboard. That sounds like it might look blocky until you see the result. The sculpture, inspired by Rome's Trevi Fountain, looks incredibly fluid, full of graceful curves and sea creatures, at the center of which is a very mighty-looking Poseidon. The cardboard looks hardly monochromatic—the dimensionality enhances the rich, brown tones of the paperboard. 

The gallery will also be screening excerpts from The Cardboard Bernini, a documentary on James Grashow by Olympia Stone. A fully-illustrated book of his work will be available.