Banjie Getsinger Nicholas: Silver Linings

"Feathered Guests"
Egg Tempera on Gesso Panel
© Banjie Getsinger Nicholas
"Silver Linings: Literal/Metaphorical" is a new show of egg tempera paintings and silverpoint drawings by Banjie Getsinger Nicholas from Whitson Gallery & The Brick Wall Exhibition Space at UCONN Torrington, Feb. 27 - May 11, 2012. Nicholas is an accomplished artist and teacher who works with remarkable materials and subject matter.

From the gallery website:
"The mediums used by artist Banjie Getsinger Nicholas, egg tempera and silverpoint, are two of the oldest mediums used by artists through the centuries. [...] These materials are little changed from those used by the old masters centuries ago. Banjie says, “Their ‘organic’ nature adds to the pleasure of the process for me. Through these paintings and drawings I maintain my personal connection to the natural world and hope some of the reverence I feel will connect with viewers of the work.”

There is an artist's talk and reception on Thursday March 1, 2012 - 7 - 8:30 pm.

Nicholas has recently written an instruction book on silverpoint drawing that was published in February, 2012.

Banjie Getsinger Nicholas exhibiting in "for the birds..." Clement Gallery, Troy, NY

Egg tempera and silverpoint artist Banjie Getsinger Nicholas is featured in a group exhibition titled "for the birds..." at the Clement Gallery in Troy, NY from August 27 to September 25.  Also exhibiting are Spring Hofeldt, Chris Murray, Jon Gernon, and Randi Martin-Kish.

Nicholas' work is bird-inspired, and often bird-derived (egg tempera is an ancient, natural, incredible painting medium, and she deftly makes her own paints.) Her work is very detailed--there's a sort of magical realism to her paintings. The birds, animals, and objects might resemble the familiar, but they are combined in a way that is very Banjie.

The Clement Gallery is located at 201 Broadway at Monument Square, Troy, NY Opening reception Friday August 27, 6-9 pm.


Banjie Getsinger Nicholas Open Studio June 26-27 in Warren, CT

"The Attic of My Soul"
© Banjie Getsinger Nicholas

The studio tour takes place on Saturday, June 26 from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, June 27 from 10 am to 4 pm. There are 24 artists participating the free tour in Bantam, Cornwall, Goshen, and Warren. Connecticut's northwest corner is full of creative people making contemporary art who are generously opening their studios for the general public.

Banjie Getsinger Nicholas creates delicate drawings in silverpoint, and luminous painting in egg tempera. Birds, nests, feathers, flowers, and landscapes are often paired with intriguing objects, like antique toys, or paper cutouts. Sometimes text is part of her silverpoint drawings. 

For the studio tour, she will likely go into detail about the processes she uses, and the inspiration she gets from birds (she is also a certified wild bird rehabilitator).

Here's a previous post about Banjie, and an article from the Litchfield County Times that features video about how she makes her own paints.

Information about where to go is on the Open Studio Tour's website.

Go! Have fun!


"Fly" with Banjie Getsinger Nicholas

"Parrot Presides"
© Banjie Getsinger Nicholas

This weekend marks the opening of Banjie Getsinger Nicholas' exhibition "Fly" at the Clement Art Gallery, 201 Broadway, Troy, NY. There will be a reception Friday April 24 from 6-9pm. The exhibit will showcase Nicholas' works in egg tempera. Her medium fits her subject matter--birds and nests figure very prominently in her work, and in addition to being a nationally recognized tempera artist, she is a certified wild bird rehabilitator.

Also, a reminder that this Sunday, April 26 is the opening for the Camera Works exhibition in Ridgefield, CT, for any who are interested. See post below.