Artists' Books by Rita Valley at Trailer Box Project

"Face-a-Day Club" (12 Months)
© Rita Valley
Artists' books by Rita Valley are on view at Danbury's Trailer Box Project from mid-June through July 30, 2016.

Valley says of her artist's books on her website, "When a series of my collages present a coherent theme, I frequently group the collages together into an artist's book. Books are great! They are art works that can be picked up and fondled and looked at leisurely and intimately. I embrace a truly hands-on approach; no white gloves are required!"

Valley's art involves a wide range of techniques and materials, and she has described it as "quirky and often political."

Trailer Box Project is located adjacent to Jim Felice's studio at 15 Great Pasture Rd, Unit 15 Danbury, Connecticut. Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11:00am - 5:00pm or by appointment.