Jim Felice's "The Circus is in Town" at the Bethel Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit

"The Circus is in Town"
© 2016 Jim Felice
Jim Felice's sculpture "The Circus Is in Town" is featured at the Bethel Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, which will be on view on the grounds of the Bethel Library, 189 Greenwood Ave., Bethel, CT from May 7, 2016 through May 5, 2017.

Felice's piece is part of a year-long installation of sculpture works throughout downtown Bethel curated by sculptor David Boyajian.

Other sculptors whose work is included: David Boyajian, Murray Bodin, Richard Pitts, B.A. D'Alessandro, Glenn Zweygardt, David Gerlach, Steven Brooks, John Ferguson, Sarah Bader & Matt Rink, and New Antiquity.