"Chimera" creates hybrid monsters at Trailer Box Project

© Honorah O'Neill
"Chimera" is an interactive solo exhibition by Honorah O'Neill of Bethel, CT taking place at the Trailer Box Project, and running from March 19 through March 26, 2016. The exhibit is hands-on, and features life-sized sculptural creatures with mix-and-match parts with which the viewers are invited to "create hybrid monsters."

From the press release: "Honorah O'Neill, a painter and sculptor, studied at Ohio Wesleyan University and earned her degree in anthropology.  The owner of the Bethel Rainy Day Paperback Exchange bookstore, O'Neill has exhibited her works throughout Connecticut and has amassed a following in the greater Danbury area.  Her installation for Trailer Box Project will include animals such as a Bernese Mountain Dog, giant anteater and a velociraptor dressed in a variety of costumes, from Girl Scout to doctor.  Each creature is made up of separate parts that can be switched with other animals to make all new, imaginative hybrids."

There is an opening reception on Saturday, March 19, 2016 from 5 pm - 7 pm. The Trailer Box Project is located at 15 Great Pasture Rd., Unit 15, Danbury, CT. The exhibition is open from Tues. - Sat. from 12 noon to 5 pm, or by appointment.