"Traces" at Trailer Box Gallery

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"Traces" features paintings by Natasha Karpinskaia and sculpture by Janice Mauro and takes place at the Trailer Box Project in Danbury, CT. The exhibit runs from October 17 through November 14, 2015.

From the e-announcement:
"We leave traces wherever we go, on whatever we touch, so that others who come after us can trace our experiences. Patina of time changes our traces, alters the shapes we once had, erases certain parts and details. Others who come after us see that these traces are just remnants of something that had happened to us before, that what is present now is different from what it once was. Traces cannot be defined. Words are irrelevant, attempting to capture something so perfectly intangible. We put traces in a box to protect and preserve their altered beauty, but the box itself is a remnant of something it once was, a surviving mark, under the evidence of a former existence."

There is an artists' reception October 17, 2015 from 5 pm - 7 pm, 15 great Pasture Rd, Unit 15, Danbury, CT.