Open House Day and Mobile Pics CT 2015 Opening on 6/13

© Wendy Cahill
The exhibit "Mobile Pics CT 2015" opens at the Gallery at Still River Editions on Saturday, June 13 with festivities to coincide with the State of Connecticut's 11th annual statewide Open House Day. The exhibit will run until September 25, 2015.

The free open house reception will be 12 noon - 5 pm on Saturday, June 13 with refreshments. There will also be alternative process printing demonstrations between 1 pm - 4 pm.

Other Open House Day events happening in the area and local restaurants listed here.

Photographers included in the exhibition: Seth Adam, Michele Lee Amundsen, Michael Arafeh, David Arbour, Todd Atkinson, Adrienne Aurichio, Stella Maria Baer, Gabrielle Barrett, Julie Beman, Dan Bishop, Eric Bloomquist, Dave Bonan, Karrie Bulger, Dawn Burdick, Wendy Cahill, Danielle Capalbo, Jeff Cedrone, Ken Dixon, Adeline Crites-Moore, Shona Curtis, Shannon Duggan, Chris Durante, Mark Estrada, Sheryl Fatse, Ann Franzen, Arthur Gerstein, Renato Ghio, Lys Guillorn, David Haislip, Jen Haislip, Violet Harlow, Mary Harold, Karl Heine, Hank Hoffman, Aaron Houghtaling, Joanne Hudson, Christy Jackson, William Jones, Karen Kalkstein, Stephen V. Kobasa, Stacey Kolbig, Phil Langin, Tiffany Lee, Isabel Levy, Melody Levy, Elisabeth Levy, Karin Mansberg, Sara Marquis, Samantha Mauro, Julie McNeil, Suzanne Molineaux, Vito Pasquale, Alegre Poniros, Sarah Rand, Barbara Ringer, Colleen Roche, Emily Roff, Michele Russell, Mark Savoia, Jennifer Schlesinger, Christina Spiesel, Allen Swerdlowe, Catherine Vanaria, Dan Villeneuve, Erin Waterfall, Dayna Wenzel, Samantha Yamin, Andrea Zimmermann.

The Gallery at Still River Editions is located at 128 East Liberty St., Danbury, CT with free park Regular gallery hours are 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. The studio and gallery will be closed from July 26 - 30th for vacation.