Art Young Gallery celebrates the work of Bethel illustrator with exhibition

"The Art Young Gallery is curating the first solo showing of Art Young illustrations and ephemera since his ACA Gallery event in 1939. Opening March 27th, 2015 and running through April 26th, 2015, the exhibit will feature many pages of one of a kind correspondence, a plethora of the publications in which Art Young appeared, and numerous pieces of original art - including works from the extensive collection of Glenn Bray (author of the beautiful comic-art tome “The Blighted Eye”), as well as the jewel of the exhibit - the original large-format pen and ink illustration of “Capitalism” (also referred to as “The Last Supper”). “Capitalism” is considered by many to be one of the top-three most famous works of Art Young and was included in the Contemporary American Artists exhibit at the immortal 1939 New York World’s Fair." (from Facebook)

The opening reception is at 7 pm on Friday, March 27, 2015.  The exhibition and opening event take place at Bethel Historical Society, 40 Main St., Bethel, CT. 

This winter, the Bethel Historical Society and Seraphemera Books co-published a lost manuscript of Mr. Young's titled "Types of the Old Home Town". The book is published in a hand-made first edition of 333 books.