"Mostly Black and White" at Art/Place Gallery in Fairfield, CT

Art/Place Gallery artists "take on the challenges of a limited palette" at this exhibition which runs from Jan 9th through March 2, 2014.

Artists include Still River Editions' client Grace McEnaney, Barbara Bernstein, Phyllis Peckar Clamage, Carol Cole, Susanne Keany, Mollie Keller, Elisa Khachian, Judith Lambertson, Paul Larson, Cate M. Leach, Mary Louise Long, Sandra K. Meagher, Toby Michaels, Demitri Papolos, Dave Pressler, Diane Pollack, Martha Bjoza Reinken, Florence Zolan.

Art/Place Gallery is located at 70 Sanford St., Fairfield, CT.