Photographer Tony Donovan featured in "Northern Woodlands Magazine"

© Tony Donovan

Photographer Tony Donovan's work is featured in Northern Woodlands Magazine, Spring 2013, Issue Number 76, pages 30-39. Fifteen of Donovan's black and white photographs document the Congdon family saw mill in Lyme, CT.

The images showcase a blend of nature, technology, and humanity.

Donovan said of this series, "I started taking pictures at the Congdon sawmill in 1973 and have continued working there ever since. The sawmill is a wonderful place to take pictures, filled with circles and squares, scatters of wood, lines the lumber produces. I’ve become aware of the mill as a metaphor for 'an industrial place turned green'."

Some of the photographs are viewable in thumbnails on Donovan's own website here. Donovan owns Ivoryton Studio in Ivoryton, CT.