Sculpture Fest

Peter Lawrence Gallery, 703 Kent Rd. (Route 7), Gaylordsville, CT is hosting Sculpturefest 2012 from 11-5 pm Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 5 pm through June 17, 2012. Memorial Weekend Saturday, Sunday and Monday the 26th, 27th and 28th, features live music by Tevin Campbell.

Gallery artists: Suzanne Benton, Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong, Dalton Ghetti, Michael Johnson, Derek Uhlman, Patricia Warvield. Outdoor artists: Jan Abt, Jennifer Andrea, Cindy Booth, David Boyajian, Steven Brooks, Margie Cohen, Jim Felice, Dennis Folz, Lannie Hart, Peter Holmberg, David McNeil, M. Meken-Silvestri, Justin Perlman, Richard Pitts, Judy Rowley and Marcia Spivak.