Ben Larrabee's "Ships Inn" at Rowayton Arts Center

"Ships Inn, 2011"
© Ben Larrabee
Photographer Ben Larrabee's intimate black and white portrait of his wife and muse Trudie Larrabee was accepted into the juried show "Expressions" at Rowayton Arts Center. The show is on display from February 5 through February 26, 2012 at Rowayton Arts Center, 145 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, CT.

Ben Larrabee writes about the experience and image:

Ships Inn, 2011

When Trudie and I went to Nantucket last summer for our two weeks of shooting, we spent the first day at Ships Inn before our rental was available.

We discovered that the first day had to be a transition day.

It became a day to shift our energy, tune into each other, allowing time to reorient and connect. We had no agenda, no place to go, nothing to do.

As I looked at Trudie I began to “see” her sitting in the window in a moment of reflection as she wrote down her thoughts about being a muse and our life together. I was inspired to photograph this moment in our lives. A moment that becomes one of the many in the body of work that shows our life together.

I love the layers; foreground, middleground and background, Trudie’s shape, the patterns and textures of the cushion, wallpaper and leaves outside."