Images de Provence by Shona Curtis at Danbury City Hall Gallery Opening 8/17

© Shona Curtis
Photographer Shona Curtis's exhibition Images of Provence: Photographs from the South of France will be featured at Danbury City Hall Gallery, 155 Deer Hill Ave. 3rd Floor, Danbury, CT from August 15 - September 8, 2011.

Curtis's photographs depict the architecture, natural landscape, and culture of Provence with great style. Her color and black and white images are equally energizing.

Curtis says in her artist's statement, "Provence is a striking region of warm light and deep shadow, of strong geometric forms and graceful, flowing lines. The bold colors of the Mediterranean palette are alluring but can distract from the dynamic interplay of texture, structure, and form. Therefore I chose to print many of the photographs in black and white. By removing color, one component of our perceived reality, these particular images also evoke the emotional residue of memory."

There will be a public artist's reception on Wednesday 8/17 from 4-6 p.m. The exhibit is produced in conjunction with the Housatonic Valley Cultural Alliance Accessible Art Project. The Accessible Art Project was created to bring new contemporary artwork to the citizens of Danbury, and to give local artists a venue for expression.

Curtis's photographs for this exhibition were printed by Still River Editions.

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