Robert C. Jacobsen's super-natural world at Cafe Atlantique, Milford

"Pepper Runs Through the Prickly Peach"
© Robert C. Jacobsen
Robert C. Jacobsen is featured in a solo show of his digital fine art at Cafe Atlantique, 33 River St., Milford, June 1-31, 2011, opening June 4, 2011.

Jacobsen's photographs start with hyper-real representations of the natural world. Familiar fruits and vegetables are rendered unfamiliar as their scale becomes huge. Jacobsen plays with their colors, shapes, and textures; these aren't "still lifes" in a traditional sense. He works extensively on his images, and each individual element is part of his palette that when combined becomes lively abstraction.

His signed, limited edition giclée prints were made by Still River Editions.

From the opening:
Robert Jacobson at the opening, photo by Vernon Howard