The Mercurial Collective Art Gallery Opening April 30: "Out of the Woodwork"

© Erin Walrath
The Mercurial Collective, a new art gallery in Danbury, CT, is having its grand opening on Saturday, April 30, from 4 - 7 pm. The inaugural show features work-neighbors Erin Walrath, Amanda Bloom and Chris Durante--who each have permanent studios on Library Place, as well as Alec Jordan, Catherine Lucia and David Haislip.

The opening will also feature with live music by String Fingers Band, a fun bluegrass band from Easton who have just released a new CD, Don't Forget. The Mercurial Collective is located at 11 Library Place, Danbury, CT. Also open will be Erin Walrath's studio at 13 Library Place, and Chris Durante's at 9 Library Place. Parking is at the Bardo Garage directly across the street, or at metered spots along Main St.

Their Facebook event page is here.