GIF/t Jam: Artist and Designer Sale in South Norwalk, Saturday 12/11, Also: call for GIF animation submissions

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GIF/t Jam Holiday Sale will take place 12-5 pm Saturday, December 11, 2010 at creativeplacement, 13 North Main St., South Norwalk, CT. The event is created and hosted by kHyal™ and Karl Heine, the power-design-team behind DesignerGrill.

The sale features art and hand-made wares by local artists/makers including: Juliano Michelangelo BarrottiDesignerGrill,  DesignerJournalsPaula Fener Jewelery, FreshBeam, Leslie GiulianiLys GuillornAlexander Isley, Inc., Jargon BoyKelley KappEmily Larned, Moody Designs, E Fitz SmithTerraLuminiereThe Weather sKwirl™.

In addition to the holiday sale, the GIF Jam will be a GIF animation festival that "celebrates the power of the animated GIF", date TBA. The deadline for entering is extended to February 4, 2011, and it looks like other dates will be updated soon. Guidelines and entry information are here [pdf].

It causes me technolo-glee to read that the file size limit is 40k--how often do we get to do something lo-fi in this day and age. Go 8-bit and stretch those kilobytes?