City Wide Open Studios Wrap-Up

 © Mark Savoia
Mark (Savoia), Cathy (Vanaria) and I had a blast doing City Wide Open Studios in New Haven this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came by and looked at our personal photography, and for those who took the time to talk with us about it.

The overall quality of work was much higher than some of the other such events I've been to as a spectator. I can imagine that for those visiting it felt sort of like when you're a tourist in a foreign city and you're trying to hit more than one major museum in a day. I managed to sneak out and look around a little bit--I bought a couple of tiny pieces--a small square painting of a cloud by Suzan Scott, and some letterpress monoprints by Dexterity Press (proprietors Jeff and Kerri are recent transplants to CT from Chicago).

Lys talking to Ivan about her work
© Mark Savoia
Normally, we print for other people (which we love), but it was nice to have a chance to show our own images. I found that grouping my recent photographs together on the wall was encouraging, and feedback on it made me want to work on exhibiting more.  I sold a few greeting cards with my images on them, which was a little bonus.

© Mark Savoia
Mark got a lot of comments and questions on his 14-foot-long negative digital cyanotype triptych of deer in the woods. People seemed to be drawn in by Cathy's intimate portraits, and were intrigued about both her 8x10 camera and the fiber based prints. I got to say "yes we still use chemistry in a darkroom" a bunch of times. She and Mark both had some large digital prints in the hallway, which probably helped draw people in to see us.

It was great sharing the space with Zachary Keeting, whose wall of abstract paintings was a balancing and energizing force. I really enjoyed meeting the other artists.