Show us your books

One of the amazing things about technology these days, is the evolution of the d.i.y. photo book. Many are geared toward regular folks making photo albums, however the art community has found an amazing way to make no-overhead books for show catalogs, portfolios, and anything else dreamed up. There are many sites like Blurb and Lulu where an artist can make a book and have it distributed on the Web.

So... have you made one of your own artwork/photographs? If so, we'd love to see, so leave a link in the comments or email me at lysbeth[at] (replace [at] with the @ symbol)
Custom books are shockingly easy to put together if you use ready-made layouts. They can become more labor-intensive projects if custom page layouts are needed (we know this from personal experience), but the reward is having a book that is 100% your expression.

A couple of years ago, Mark and I put together a book of Cathy's photographs from Boston in the late '70s/early '80s. We auditioned several services before committing, however, quality changes from time to time, so it's good to shop around periodically. The experience of designing it 100% from cover to interior was challenging, but we are happy with the end result.

Show us your stuff!