Bobby Grossman at Mina Gallery in NYC

Client Bobby Grossman's photographs documenting the late 70s/early 80s TV Party/punk/avant garde art crowd will be on display at Mina Gallery in NYC. The opening is this Thursday, May 14 from 7-10 pm. The gallery is located at 32A Cooper Square, NYC.

From the gallery: "Grossman had the privilege to witness the late Factory and disco days as they melted into the new wave punk explosion, and these photos tell the story ; From Fred Hughes, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol to William Burroughs, Deborah Harry, Jean Michel Basquiat, Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party and everything in between. He was ‘Bobby
on the spot’."

Bobby's got both traditional and digital prints in the show. I'm not entirely sure if they're all black and white, but one of the highlights (among many cool shots of the era's hipsters) is an enlarged digitally printed b/w contact sheet of Andy Warhol eating cornflakes. The repitition-with-movement and numbered heavy black border suggest a film-on-paper.

Just an aside re: the gallery--Mina is a fashion + art gallery that opened last year and features not only wall art but art/couture garments. It's a sister to the nearby Albright Fashion Library, which rents clothing for red carpet events, and both are owned by former stylist Irene Albright.


Just a few snaps from the opening, all photos © Lys

Bobby Grossman