What size print can I make from my digital camera or smart phone?

We are often asked this question and there is no simple answer. Many factors are involved. Using MP (megapixels) as the deciding factor is not always accurate. A 8MP file from a smartphone is very different from an 8MP file from a full frame DSLR.

Other factors are the quality of the lens, camera, post processing, viewing conditions of the print, and the details in the image. Generally speaking, a file with a resolution of 100ppi or better (at the final print size) will make a good print. But again we stress that what is in the image makes a big difference. Details will become "less sharper" as resolution goes down.

Unsure of how many MP (megapixels) your camera shoots? Either check the specs that came with the camera or simply take a full size/res file from the camera, note its dimensions in pixels, and multiply the horizontal pixels by the vertical pixels to get megapixels. For example, 7,360 pxl x 4,912 pxl = 36,152,320 pxl or rounded to 36 MP.

Below is a chart to use as a rough guide, the number inside each box is the resolution at that print size in PPI (pixels per inch).