color or black & white Prints on Metal


Still River Editions has partnered with a company to produce prints on metal for display.

ChromaLuxe® metal prints are created by printing your photo onto a clay-coated paper using dyes. The paper is then placed on a 1/16" thick white poly-coated sheet of aluminum and heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The dyes turn to a gas and are infused into the coating, creating your metal print. Then the corners are slightly rounded. Hanging hardware on the back allows the print to be hung off the wall by ½", this gives the print a modern professional look on your wall. 

We have sample prints on premises for your viewing.

Available in a glossy or matte finish.

Since this process is done off-site, please allow 7-10 days turnaround. No rush service available.

These are standard sizes, please call for custom size pricing.

4"x6"               $16.90
5"x5"               $23.40
5"x7"               $23.40
8"x8"               $24.70
8"x10"             $32.50
8"x12"             $37.70
10"x10"           $39.00
10"x20"           $61.10
11"x14"           $54.60
12"x12"           $50.70
12"x18"           $71.50
12"x24"           $91.00

12"x36"           $132.60
16"x16"           $81.90
16"x20"           $104.00
16"x24"           $124.80
20"x20"           $130.00
20"x24"           $152.10
20"x30"           $195.00
24"x24"           $184.60
24"x30"           $230.10
24"x36"           $296.40
30"x30"           $318.50
30"x40"           $409.50

Larger sizes up to 48"x72" available. Custom print sizes are calculated at a higher rate, please us this metal print price calculator for estimated price.

Prints 30"x40" or larger require a special shipping crate and shipping to us, please call for pricing.

Back of print hanging system on metal prints

Back of print hanging system on metal prints