All of our film processing is done by hand using archival processing techniques. We offer black & white film processing for 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 4"x5" and 8"x10" formats. Sorry, we offer no color film processing.

We have done extensive testing and determined the exclusive use of Ilford DD developer. This developer offers great tonal range and fine grain. All film goes through archival final wash chemicals to insure stability that will last for many years.

We do not offer machine 4"x6" proofs, as all of our prints are custom-made, one at a time. We do offer contact sheets for your convenience, standard size or enlarged. We can also just process 35mm film and not cut it so it can be brought to a service that can make 4”x6” proofs for you.

Questions about recommended film speeds, e-mail us.

After hours drop slot located on our side shipping door.


Size               Process only              With contact sheet
35mm            $12.00*                       $23.50
120                $12.00*                       $23.50
220                $14.50*                       $37.50 two contact sheets per roll
4"x5"             $8.00 each
8"x10"           $12.00 each

* even if film comes out blank or too thin or dense to print from


The standard 8½"x11" results in images the same size as the film. Enlarged contact sheets offer easier viewing with images being up to two times their original size. Available in glossy or pearl surface paper for 35mm up to 4”x5” films.

Enlarged contact sheets image Sizes

8½"x11"                                $11.50    *35mm image size on contact sheet approximately 1"x1 ½"
Enlarged contact 11"x14"     $19.00    *35mm image size on contact sheet approximately 1 ½"x2 ⅛"
Enlarged contact 16"x20"     $22.00    *35mm image size on contact sheet approximately 2"x3"