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Digital retouching, restoration and creative services

Old photograph in your family album that you wish you could save from the damage? New photo that needs help in order to be perfect?
Retouched and new print made

Still River Editions gives you

  • Extra care and behind-the-scenes work put into each photo restoration
  • Artist-technicians highly skilled in Adobe PhotoShop®
  • New, beautiful prints without altering or harming the original images
  • Final digital files provided on a data DVD at no extra cost
  • Turnaround time is usually less than one week

Just bring your photograph or artwork to us and we will give you an estimate that includes scanning, retouching and your final print. You choose the paper and print size you want, and discuss the repairs with the person who will be performing the work.

$75 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum

Cost of scanning + cost of retouching + print cost = your final print price

Choose from a variety of papers including canvas. Color Prints or B&W Prints for more information.

Expert repair of old photographs

Retouched and new print made
We take your original photograph, digitize it, and then work on it using Adobe PhotoShop®.
  • Vintage, antique, and new photographs
  • Damaged artwork
  • Cracks, tears, stains, spots
  • Fading and color shift
  • Water damage
  • Closed eyes
  • Adding or removing people, objects or text
  • You name it!








Restore color and tone

Retouched and new print made
Give new life to photos that are old, faded, or blah.
  • Return natural skin tones
  • Remove off-color cast
  • Give back the "oomph"
  • Enhance faint images






Contemporary retouching and enhancement

© Mark Savoia
© Mark Savoia
Retouched and new print made
In addition to working with old photographs, Still River Editions also works extensively with contemporary images. Especially helpful if you feel like "this photo would be perfect if it weren't for Uncle Joe's toupee and that ugly car in the background."

Some of what we can do:

  • Remove blemishes, tone down birthmarks, reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce skin shine
  • Fix hair
  • Add/remove unwanted people and things
  • Open eyes
  • Add artistic effects (art borders, color changing, vignetting)









Creative services

We can help you realize your ideas to design and create a gift or a special piece of artwork for your event. From your digital files, or from of scans your photos or artwork, we work in Adobe PhotoShop® to create one-of-a-kind images. Priced by services included.

  • Wedding gifts
  • Birthdays / anniversaries
  • Charity and business events
  • Can include mementos (tickets, old letters, etc.)

Photo Memorials

Still River Editions creates photo memorials including your old photographs, and helps get you what you need whether you need it in time for a service, or would like to have a keepsake of your loved one. We are glad to help. Priced by services included.



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