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Current Exhibition at the Gallery at Still River Editions

Arrow Points to My Room:
New Work by Catherine Vanaria, Mark Savoia, and Lys Guillorn
January 17 – March 31, 2017

Left: "Last Gene on the Moon (section)" © Mark Savoia
Center: Untitled © Catherine Vanaria
Right: "Spero" © Lys Guillorn

This exhibit showcases the photography of the three printmakers of Still River Editions. The thread linking them is their use of found materials. Catherine Vanaria manipulated archived materials as graphical and conceptual chunks to make her own compositions by removing the element of personal connection. Mark Savoia takes a new look at moon exploration by using Nasa imagery and hand sanitizer transfer. Lys Guillorn photographed found objects with a scanner to create stark macro images with personal statements.

Catherine Vanaria

"As traditional methods of sharing one’s life have moved from printed images to social media posts, the photographic print has become extra baggage. When families downsize their personal belongings, much of what is cast off ends up orphaned in either trash bins or tag sales. This is what I collect and make my own. Since all original attachments has been removed, these become parts to a giant jigsaw puzzle with an infinite number of hypothesis yet no correct conclusion. The sky is the limit."

Mark Savoia

"As the Apollo space program ended, America's interest in manned moon landings had faded. Gene Cernan (Apollo 17 in 1972) turned out to be the last person to leave footprints on the moon. As he climbed into the lunar module he wrote his daughter's initials in the dirt and then blasted off, "All right, let's get this mother out of here and go home." Not exactly historic words for such an accomplishment. I followed the entire lunar program on the edge of my seat as a child, never knowing if someday too I would travel to the moon."

Lys Guillorn

'"Change' is a personal examination that marks a point in time in my body and my life. It incorporates a hank of my hair cut off thirteen years ago. Below it are Victorian pattern-cutting scissors. Early in 2016, I was hiking on a nature preserve in Shelton, Connecticut and found an owl pellet nestled in some pine needles. I dissected it on the spot using a stick, and then carefully wrapped the bones in a bank deposit receipt. A few days later, I contemplated what to do with the tiny objects. By playing with scale, the mouse becomes the predator in 'The Owl's Muse.' The most recent photograph, 'Spero,' is the most hopeful. When the sparrow's egg is found open, the bird has become breath."

About the Gallery at Still River Editions

The Gallery at Still River Editions has hosted national and regional photographers and artists since 1989. In spring 2011, after a brief hiatus from exhibiting new work, the gallery returned to hosting shows on a quarterly basis. The Gallery's mission is to show traditional and digital prints of photographs and fine artwork, and to be a center of creativity and connection in the Danbury area.

The Gallery at Still River Editions is open during normal business hours 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, and during posted hours for special events. The Gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

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Jan. 17 - Mar. 31, 2017- Arrow Points to My Room: Recent work by Catherine Vanaria, Mark Savoia, and Lys Guillorn

April - May 2017- Shona Curtis

Oct. 11 - Dec. 23 "Court House Eyes: Photographs by Tom Peterson"

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