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Current Exhibition at the Gallery at Still River Editions

"Luminous Intervals: Extended Exposures in Alternative Photography"
by Colin Burke
June 11- September 30, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, June 11, noon - 5 pm
as part of Open House Day

"“West Rock 3A June 2012 - June 2013, 2015" © Colin Burke

"Luminous Intervals: Extended Exposures in Alternative Photography" is an exhibition of large-format cyanotype photograms and prints from months-long exposures made with hand-built pinhole cameras by Colin Burke of New Haven.

For the opening of the exhibit, we are pleased to present a free, public afternoon reception with the artist for The State of Connecticut's 12th annual Open House Day from noon - 5 pm on Saturday, June 11, 2016 with demos of alternative processes from 1 pm - 4 pm, as well as refreshments. Other local venues participating will be listed on our Open House Day page as the date approaches.

Artist's Statement
"I create photographs using some of the methods from the early days of photography: large format cyanotype photograms and months-long exposures made with hand-built pinhole cameras. I started working with these processes almost ten years ago partly as a response to the ubiquitous digital photography of the early 21st century. As nearly half of the world now owns a camera phone, and me being a bit of a history buff, I want to keep these older, analog means of creating photographs relevant while also pushing the extents of the media.

With my background in sequential media and performance, it’s been a natural progression for me to incorporate movement and time into my work. I'm creating images that depict movement and the passing of time, while shifting away from traditional still photography’s finite depiction of an instant in time, a single frame of now-ness. I want to suggest an alternative view, a non-linear experience, exploring possibilities inside moments where there are numerous options at all points of time.

The pinhole camera images are a result of overexposing while the cyanotype images include the marks made by shadows through deliberate underexposing. Along with duration, I'm also pushing the extents of proximity and presence. I install and then leave my handmade pinhole cameras out in the woods for up to a year, handing them off to nature, hoping 1) that they'll still be there when I go to retrieve them and 2) that the paper negatives made will result in good positive images.

Many days are condensed into one photograph, layer by layer, filling the frame. In these long exposures there is something we can’t normally see with the naked eye in a single glance, but understand and expect without much thinking: the sun rises and sets everyday, no matter what, and at different points in the sky, depending on the season. The thing that’s lost in these images is the movement of everyday life. These little moments of movements aren’t depicted due to the long exposure time.

As I make my cyanotypes, I'm completely hands-on, focusing on the changes of the sensitized fabric to the sunlight as I place and move the objects that create the marks either through direct contact or casting shadows. I'm making aesthetic choices while calculating and testing the limits of the exposure time to preserve the shadows and prevent them from being erased by the light.

The cyanotype Tubes series dates back to my earliest work with the medium and hasn't been on view for the public until now. This is deeply personal work I made after my father died from lung cancer. These pieces represent the memory of "here" and the realization of "not here" in a single image while recognizing the liminal space in between. 

I’m currently experimenting with incorporating movement in my pinhole camera images by moving the cameras during long exposures."

About Colin Burke
Colin Burke works with antique photographic processes, large format cyanotype photograms and months-long exposures made with hand built pinhole cameras exploring the elasticity of time, plasticity of memory, and the consistent rhythm of nature. He was born on the first day of summer and currently lives and works in New Haven.

About the Gallery at Still River Editions

The Gallery at Still River Editions has hosted national and regional photographers and artists since 1989. In spring 2011, after a brief hiatus from exhibiting new work, the gallery returned to hosting shows on a quarterly basis. The Gallery's mission is to show traditional and digital prints of photographs and fine artwork, and to be a center of creativity and connection in the Danbury area.

The Gallery at Still River Editions is open during normal business hours 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, and during posted hours for special events. The Gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time.

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June 11 - Sept. 30 “Luminous Intervals: Extended Exposures in Alternative Photography,” by Colin Burke.

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